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David Ira Roberts

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April 20th, 2009

07:08 pm: I) It was by chance that at twenty-five David Roberts stumbled upon Skrulls, of all things, in the park he helped look after as a Park Ranger. He rarely had to use the abilities his mutation and some training he had gotten over the years to survive the day and call for help.

He ended up calling SHIELD, then latter griped that he should have just stayed an X-Man.

II) David never met his father. He grew up though and somehow stumbled upon being a cop. He met a nice girl and a baby was on the way.

He never once wondered if things had been different. But he missed Ira and he noted the fact that no one seemed to understand him except for his wife. He slips an arms around her and listens to her sleeping. While he still wondered about how things might be different he was still very happy right where he was.

III) He's with the latest incarnation of the X-Men. He laughs a little easier and talks a little more than he used to. They're family to him now. They deserve the chatter he can produce at times.

He can't see himself doing anything but this and the biology he teaches when they aren't saving the world from the latest really weird thing. He has his family and when he needs to a place in Vermont where he can unwind. His life is very fulfilling.

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